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Default +1 Lee Classic Turret (LCT)

I learned how to reload on the LCT. I got the kit but ended up getting a better scale (RCBS Rangemaster 750). I pretty much used it in "single" stage mode in the beginning (removed the indexing rod and manually advanced the turret). Once I got comfortable with the loading steps, I put the rod back in and cranked out the ammo.

The powder drops are pretty consistent and I've never really had any problems with the priming system.

The Lee carbide 4-die pistol sets are pretty cool, I load 38/357 and 9mm with them.

The press was plenty fast for me when I shot 100 to 150 rounds/week.

And all the lessons you learn from loading on LCT, you can apply towards the progressive press if that is in your future.
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