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Originally Posted by brianbonedoc View Post
My Hogue grips seem to fit. At least the grip screw holes line up perfectly.

The mainspring housing uses an officers size - I ordered the Kimber Polymer one - I don't think its too long, I machined the slots for the MSH the other day. I will have to take a pic.

As far as the barrel goes, I ordered a commander length w/ a Wilson/Nowlin ramp from Fusion, along w/ a Commander Slide. Hopefully I can get it to fit.

I still haven't received my magazines yet so I can't comment on that aspect.
What is the part number on the grips? I just picked up a set yesterday listed for the para ordnance p-13, with a 11000 tag on the package. There is a p13 molded into the inside of the right grip panel. The little sticker on the package says they are for the para p13 and the enterprise arms p325.

The top screw and the trigger track tabs line up perfectly and the grip fits like a glove, but the bottom screw is off by about 1/4" and the panels are about the same too long for the frame. That is weird, spose I got a set that are mis-marked?

I'll return them today and take the frame with me to see what matches. I hope these grips are wrong.
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