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Originally Posted by Calif Mini View Post
I have some 17-4PH stainless that is magnetic.

Not sure how magnetic or if it will lock down on a surface grinder mag table. I may find out.

How are you finding the Sarco frame dimension wise? All doable? Any areas where they will be a pain to finish?

I just ordered a 17-4PH frame but know there is a lot of work to do there.

Is the slide lock / safety plunger tube already drilled?
I saw a neat way to drill a hole that you can't get close to.
Involves making a guide block and clamping close to the tube and then use a long drill bit. The close guide steadies the drill.

Did you do your CNC conversion yourself?
I know a DRO is great but I would be lost with the CNC stuff.

I have been thinking I should have bought an Ed Brown complete and saved a lot of money compared to where I am at dollar wise, not to mention all the stress.

Where are you located?
I think the dimensions are fine except for the short dust cover. The ejector hole and mag release holes are undersized but that's fine. I don't have a magazine yet to try so I can't comment on that.

The plunger tube is not drilled - thanks for the advice! I will try something like that. If I screw it up I will just mill the whole thing off and put on a traditional 1911 one.

My CNC conversion I did myself with a kit from cnc It wasn't that hard. The problem is the mill is pretty small and not really rigid enough for much steel work.
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