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Originally Posted by Red Devil View Post
If the G20 is small enough? It's the best woods Pistol runnin'.

200 gr. Underwood XTP at ~ 1250 fps. is bad medicine.

If you like the G19 form-factor better? Suggest the G23 in .40 S&W.

Same size/weight/Bbl. length but shoots 180 gr. .40 (10mm) bullets.

And in LeftCoastastan you only get Ten anyway, so better off w/ Ten of those.

Really like the G23 and packed it for decades, but pack the G36 now because it suites me better.

Suggest you shoot that G20 first, though... full-throttle field loads and uncovered if possible. Better to find out now as later on.
That's a thought with the G23 in .40 S&W. It's close in bullet size yet the gun is compact VS full size. I'll have to try both the G20 and G23 and see which fits me better. Thanks for the suggestion. I had also considered the G19 9mm but I really want a little more knockdown power.
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