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Originally Posted by Mendo223 View Post
pbr basically summed up my suspicions. cops can do whatever they want. i dont understand why they can just "protect and serve" instead of harassing and invading peoples privacys, causing troubles and ruining peoples lives, just to fill their quotas. i never want to become a cop, they must have no souls.
This one got to me.... To Protect and to serve? Who?
It has already been proven in the SC that an police officers job is to: "Protect the interests of the city they serve and to inforce the laws." A quote from the SC decision. They have NO legal obligation to protect you as a citizen. Remember this!
So much for our forefathers busting their a*ses and dying for the cause.
Kinda makes me sick....True, police are a necessary evil, But to protect and to serve...My A*s...
Anyone Can Get An Illegal Gun
We Cannot Leave Ourselves Defenseless!

The DOJ knows that two guys with semi autos that have a folding or collapsable stock, or pistol grip could take out California's entire police force, SWAT, and the National Guard. Jeeze, that pistol grip and stock are really dangerous...

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