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Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
If you deny a LEO permission to search your car can that be then used as probable cause to search it? I mean they could say that any person with nothing to hide would have no reason to deny the search. Only people involved in illegal activities would deny the search. My dad was pulled over a while back for a burned out tail light and he denied the search. They then proceeded to remove him from the car and search it for 2 hours finding nothing. He filed a report but nothing came from it.
oh those poor officers their job must be so hard and stressful! (sarcasm)
thats what they sign up for and get paid well for. at the very least they should get a few years in prison for what they did. i cant watch the show Law and Order cause they constantly bash our rights cause it makes their job harder....and recently said people like glenn beck make people murder immigrants when they should be worried about a broken health care system....
dont believe someones bs when they try to sell out ur rights whether it be to fight terrorism, help LE, or save us from global warming. those are the potential cost of freedom and as such are our individual choice and not up for govt protection. protect yourself, feed yourself, buy yourown healthcare, and leave everyone else alone
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