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Yes, it should be legal to do an AOW on a pistol with a fixed mag. The fixed mag keeps it out of the AW realm in which the VFG would be an evil feature. I think vandal has a good idea in the way he is gonna do the process.

pto, I don't see why you couldn't build it up in Title 1 configuration and file the Form 1 afterwards. Then, after the Form comes back approved, put the VFG on and make it Title 2.

edit: +1 on the pistol definition. AFAIK, CA has no AOW definition. So AOW is not a type of firearm in CA law. However, CA says that if a specific firearm is a federally defined AOW and lawfully possessed federally, then it is exempt from all of the 12020 prohibitions.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

No posts of mine are to be construed as legal advice, which can only be given by a lawyer.

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