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Two years as an officer, and I finally lit up privates for failure to salute. It happened three times last drill weekend.

I get it, I was enlisted, 40ish with a Master's Degree, and I had to humble up and salute complete morons that (literally) didn't know how to piss in a cup for the piss test, or new 2LT's show up to their first drill with no rank on.

I get it, when I could, I dodged them too (especially the one's I don't like or look 20 years younger than me). It's a game, and I think I'm really cool about it. If you play by those rules I'm not going to be a jerk about it.

However, when three 1 LT's in your company are walking together, and you are a PFC walking the opposite direction and you aren't more than 6 feet from one and look him square in the eye then you as the PFC are putting a bulls eye on your forehead.

I say "I lit him up", but all I really did was say:


Stopped him in his tracks, and waited for him to figure it out (which he did).

The second time a SPC did it, but he didn't figure it out when I stopped him, and I had to spell it out. He just looked at me like a deer in head lights.

It goes both ways. In officer quartermaster school as I was walking to class I mentioned to a fellow 2LT to maybe hold his coffee in his left hand. He proceeded to ignore me, and passed a USMC Captain.

....................He got lit the F up................. I was quietly laughing inside.

My first failure to salute was basic training graduation day after the ceremony. I was in dress blues, and with my civilian guest, and I missed a passing Major and WO1 walking together.

The WO lit me up, and still in basic mentality I addressed the WO as Drill SGT. It got worse from there.
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