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Your biggest challenge might be in getting the right OAL. The first bullets I ever bought for my M&P40 FS were factory reloads which were 1.135". They fed fine and I've loaded all my bullets to that length since then and they all fed fine. Not sure if it was the gun or that the first autoloader I loaded for (1911) was fickle, but that gun was very sensitive to OAL on anything other than RN bullets.

If your gun likes a particular type of ammo, measure it and start your reloads at that length. 4.8-5.0g Bullseye is fairly conservative so you have a bit of margin in seating depth.

Even with your light loads, you'll see that your 40 is a bit jumpier than the 9mm. With faster powders like Red Dot or Clays, you can download the 40 until it feels like a 9.
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