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Originally Posted by 69_Mustang View Post
Not too bad; aren't your deployments a bit shorter than others? A little better with the family.

I hit 6 years on my 5th deployment. I had a couple more in me, but I was injured. Now I'm getting out!
Good luck on the outside. I have to decide whether or not I want to stay in, when i get home I have like 30 days left...Shortest deployment was 5 1/2 months and longest was 7 months so yes they are shorter than other services but at the same time they're long! lol

Originally Posted by NastyNate View Post
Stay safe loadmaster

Nasty Nate
Thanks, not quite a loadmaster. I stay on the ground and assist the loadmaster with the upload/downloads. Get to drive all the cool stuff on and off, move the people and all the supplies they need.

Originally Posted by saint7 View Post
Yea brother be safe... also having been an 0311(grunt) it can be over rated LOL. Love what you do and do your best. Godspeed brother.

Thank you for you for your service!
Luckily my job is very rewarding when deployed whether it be sending people home to be with their families or sending out ammo to those who need it or loading air drop bundles to those who dont have an airstrip close by. Thanks for everything, I'm less than 10 days from redeploying. Feels good, almost there!
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