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Originally Posted by Palmetto State Armory View Post
I didn't word that properly. I meant that they are extremely busy, and it would only hinder them to have to keep track of a scale and documentation. It will get done faster and more efficiently if someone outside of production does it. Our team is top notch, and I didn't mean to make them sound otherwise.
That, and I may get shot or stabbed if I bring a scale back there and ask them to record the weight of each upper.
For what its worth I've heard mostly good about PSA. Other than a few assembly/QC blunders trumped up on the internet, everything has been of good quality and fantastic value. And whenever these is an issue you guys take care of it.

Got my brother interested in AR's and suggested he buy a rifle kit from PSA. He got it last week, threw it together on a JD lower, and is impressed with the quality of rifle he has for just under $700 invested
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