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Residents of San Joaquin County:

CGF needs your assistance in a Initiative-related action ASAP. We're looking for volunteers who are free from prohibiting conditions (preferably free of LE encounters/incidents, arrests, and extensive traffic moving violations, but do go ahead and sign up regardless as we need a diverse cross-section of volunteers for the various upcoming activities). We would especially appreciate your participation if you are a resident of an incorporated city within San Joaquin County, but all who reside within the county should please go ahead and confidently sign up to assist. Anyone who's been denied by SJ County (or a city within the county) within the past 2-3 years should also definitely contact us. Also, make sure you pass this info along to your friends and family who might be interested in helping the cause.

If you're looking to get involved and make a real contribution towards advancing our Second Amendment rights in San Joaquin County and throughout California, head over to CGF's volunteer page, fill out a simple one page form and submit it securely to us, or email your information per the below to

Here's what we need to get started:
Last Name
First Name
Zip Code
Email Address
CGN Username (if any)
Carry license (CCW) holder (past/present)?
Carry license (CCW) denials?
If you already emailed or submitted your info to us, look for an email from me soon (you may already have one as you're reading this post; if you don't, please do reach out via PM or email).

Thanks for your continuing support of CGF's ongoing carry-advancing efforts. Please do consider sponsoring your county and reaching out to your favorite SJ County FFL to urge their support of our Carry License Reform and Sunshine Initiative. Freedom isn't free, and we appreciate your consideration in this regard.

Brandon Combs

I do not read private messages, and my inbox is usually full. If you need to reach me, please email me instead.

My comments are not the official position or a statement of any organization unless stated otherwise. My comments are not legal advice; if you want or need legal advice, hire a lawyer.
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