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Default Tricking out a "starter" 1911 (RIA)

New to the boards and this is one of the sparking interests that got me here Good to meet all of you and I look forward to learning from you all.

I recently purchased a Rock Island Armory 1911 Tactical from the local shop (still havent picked it up yet.. gotta wait till the 15th.. god I hate waiting... lol) and I have heard tons of good reviews on them, read plenty online as well. I hear they dont really "need" much of anything to make them better, but I hear in general 1911's have some trouble spots and being a "lower end" model of the gun, the RIA could probably use a little sprucing up in those areas as well.

I hear lots of good feedback on the Wilson Combat line of parts, but being that this is my first 1911 I have no idea which parts would be a good idea to have and which would even make for a nice and easy "drop in" addition. Some of the parts I have been rolling around in my head are as follows:

Guide rod (full length or short?)
Recoil spring (should I mess with increasing the resistance or just go for quality?)
Barrel bushing

So these are most of the parts I have considered getting from Wilson Combat over time to trick my gun out a bit and increase its reliability. Does anyone have any input on some good mods for these guns? What kind of problems can I expect to run into when trying to fit the parts? How much of this will need to be done by a gunsmith? Lots of questions i know lol but I want to know as much as I can about the platform and how to improve on it. I have always wanted a 1911 primarily because of all these little goodies you can add to it to make it your own contraption. I just want it to be reliable, because its going to double as a defensive backup if my shotgun runs out of ammo
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