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First off you need to remember CA law when it comes to "shipping" a firearm, which means that the FFL that you buy the firearm from need to do the CFLC letter even if you pick it up there (according to the CA DOJ, even though it does not make sense since you would be the one bringing it to yourself).

The so-called a-salt weapons can not be brought into CA. To me, this means that you can buy something which is not legal to bring into CA as long as you don't bring it into CA. So, you could buy the firearm, take it apart and then it is not considered a so-called a-salt weapon, but it would be best to completely separate the two parts so that it is not considered a complete firearm (such as shipping the upper separately).

Yes, it would not be considered a so-called a-salt weapon unless it meets the requirements, such as being a semi-auto, center-fire firearm with the features, unless it is banned by name, then it can not be semi-auto.
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