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Originally Posted by missiondude View Post
Did they give a reason for you to run a 50 yard zero on the AK? I get it for the AR platform, but I dont think it makes sense for your gun, or the HK for that matter. I will not change my zero on the HK as it is perfect at 200.
If you have your rifle dialed in, I would just leave it as well.

Our class had 64, IIRC, 58 of those were ARs. I would guess that since the class obviously was designed around the AR platform, that's what they run it for. I don't think they'd be able to do a separate zeroing set for every rifle that wasn't an AR or it would take too long.

In fact, as I was talking to one of the ROs he actually mentioned that he had a handout he was going to print for me that had the instructions for how to operate the AK including zeroing, which he would print out and bring to me. I asked the 3rd day and 4th day if he had brought it and he said he was too busy, which I totally understand. But he said he thought it was supposed to be from 14m, which seems a little crazy to me.

I'm taking the 4 day handgun in Apr so I hope to learn more trigger control there, and hopefully some patience in the next month......yeah right. I'll definitely return for a rifle class with the AR, and was actually told by the 1 DG we had that a 2 day skill builder would be better to take. He started with a 2 day Prac Rifle, then followed with a skill builder, then ended with the 4 day which he DG'd in.
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