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Originally Posted by mshill View Post
If SF and Sunnyvale were smart they would dump the new laws and not fight this. If they lose it will have huge implications not only statewide but nationally. I don't believe that they will be properly prepared to win in federal court. It seems at the very least they will lose on the basis of state pre-emption but the law suit is on the basis of the 2A.

Who knows, in the future we may be thanking the idiots in SF for defeating the state magazine limit ban and preventing any future national magazine limit ban.
That won't happen in Sunnyvale, the politicians and supporters of Measure C lied through their teeth with shiny, forked tongues about how there the city will not be sued.

Well I guess they didn't lie. Technically they said that no city has ever been sued for an ordinance like this. As they left the fact out that no city has ever had an ordinance like this before makes it deceptive and therefore a lie.
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