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Originally Posted by buffybuster View Post
I have a Savage MKII and have taken apart and examined the RF accutrigger. Usually these trigger reset issues can be traced to adjusting the trigger to too light a pull. Out of the box, the RF accutrigger will only adjust down to ~3lbs before you start getting reset failures, especially if the bolt is run briskly (like in matches). To get anything lower, you have to begin polishing parts and re-balancing the spring pressures to minimize/eliminate the reset failure issue. With some dinking around you can get it down to about 1.5lbs and reliable in all conditions. If you run the bolt smoothly you can get the pull down under 1lb but with some reset failures. It's what it is, the accutrigger will never be equal to a tuned Kidd trigger but it can be made acceptable.
Very interesting. Thanks for the info. I do find it odd that it can only be brought down to about 3 lbs before reset failures can occur with rapid bolt manipulation.

My centerfire is down likely below 2 lbs (dont have a scale- but many other competitors with custom rifles and aftermarket triggers say my trigger is too light- or even "unsafe" because it's so light!) And slamming that bolt doesnt bug it a bit.

The sear/trigger reset would trip when the bolt closed when the tension spring worked its way loose- and that blade safety that blocks the sear caught it- but it worked its way down to around 1 lb or so. Tightening the spring back to about 1 3/4 lb or so -and a drop of locktite fixed it right up.

I know for centerfire there are at least 2 different "accutriggers" since they now have an ultralight bench gun version. I find it odd that the rimfire accutrigger is heavier than my standard centerfire accutrigger.
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