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Hi, Rogue, Diginit, and everyone,

Its looking as tho we won't be getting any rain, but the weather will be cloudy, and not very warm, particularly in the evening, so I think we'd probably best just stay with pizza/potluck again this month. I'll be bringing the coffee maker, of course, and some pastries.

Next month, if the weather turns nice, we can go back to doing seems to me that the event is in a 'holding pattern' until the weather becomes nice enough that barbecue and conversation outside will be enjoyable......until then, we just keep the event going, on whatever small scale seems to work out, give the newbies some good basic training, and have a good time doing some plinking.

I've been very grateful for the work that you and the other experienced shooters have done in providing basic instruction for the newbies. (and as I've said any number of times, the event is really about the newbies, so we need to find ways to bring them in)

I did get a bit more 22 donated, so we'll have plenty for now, and I've got some large bits of cardboard box material for cartoon zombie targets. If anyone has some spinner or other 'reactive' targets suitable for 22 which they could bring, I'd appreciate.

Actually, anything 'cute and bouncy' which could be hung up as a reactive 22 target.....but wouldn't leave a mess.....would be toy mice?.....little stuffed animal characters from China?

The only real limitation we have, other than bounce-back hazard or messy cleanup issues, would be that, for 'political correctness' reasons, we mayn't have human photos or 'humanoid' targets........I'd be willing to make an exception for cartoon caricatures of Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini, just as a bit of 'tradition' or some such thing.

Remember, I got the Rifle Club membership to vote to allow the second Saturday event to take over the Saturday 'public hours' time, so we'll be beginning at 1400 (2PM) and running until everyone has done all the shooting they are in a mood to do......or have run out of rounds, whichever......just so long as we can reserve enough energy to clean up the range really nicely at the end of the evening.

Hopefully, we could keep the ambient noise level down a bit, by staying with 22's for the newbies during the earlier part of the day, then later run 'big kids time' with the more 'acoustically noticeable' weapons. (I asked Dean and Sue to please bring their cute old 410......if anyone has a few stray 410 rounds, dig them out and bring them, alright?) We'll have plenty of 12ga. rounds.

Who can bring a nice pie? (I will re-emburse the cost of the pie) Would anyone care to bring some Twinkies?

Is there anything else anyone can think of, for a nice 'fun shoot' event this Saturday?


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