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Originally Posted by Asphodel View Post
Hi, Mario,

The most important single item is to 'bring newbies'.

Its all well and good that the event is an enjoyable social meeting, conversation, and plinking event for gun-freaks, but the underlying idea is to 'reach out' to the provide basic safety/proficiency instruction and familiarisation to those who are new to firearms and shooting, particularly, but not exclusively, young people, and women who are considering owning a weapon for self-defence.

So.....if you'd like to help make the project work, please bring some more 'newbies' if at all possible.

If you'd care to bring a really nice pie, for the 'pie shoot', I'd be gratefully appreciative.....(we have a local bakery here where they make excellent bread, but their pies are only so-so......I don't know where to get a really good pie, actually)....and I'll re-emburse you for the cost of the pie.

(for the 'pie shoot', everyone gets to use the same light target 22, rounds from the same brick, and the same style of target, so the challenge is the same for score wins the pie, and the winner has the choice of taking the pie home, or cutting it and sharing it out with the other participants)

You could also bring a box of Twinkies.......a couple of times, I've done a 'Dan White memorial Twinkie shoot', in which the participant cartoons a smile face on a very small post-it note pad, runs it 50' down-range, and, if he/she hits it, wins a Twinkie (if you're thinking ?????, do a 'google' search on Dan White and Harvey Milk.....its a bit of local history)

If you can afford to donate some 22 rounds for newbies use, that would really help.


Sounds good, Carla. Thanks.
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