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Default Recruiter issues.

I've been trying to join the military for at least 2 years now. Previously the recruiters told me I wasn't qualified due to legal issues and such, or they weren't interested in enlisting me. The charge wasn't a non waiverable offense, it required me to get a dismissal letter from the DA after the statue of limitations expired.

Recently ,I went down the Army National Guard recruiter and told them I was interested in joining with 2 other buddies of mine. They said my charges weren't an issue anymore and I should be good to go. We talked with the recruiter for an hour about the enlistment process, and how I would get" stripes for buddies" getting E-3 for bringing my friends in. So the next step for us was to take the Asvab, one of my friends already took the Asvab and passed but he wanted to take it again to get 68W.

He set up a Asvab testing date for us, and told us to start filling out our SF-86 and applications online. He kept in contact with us briefly then about a week before the Asvab testing date, we tried multiple times to contact him and it would goto voice mail and he never returned our calls We needed to talk to him about getting our MEPS paperwork to grant us access for the Asvab. I know he mentioned October would be better, he explained to us that he previously met mission. I'm just trying to understand why he would flake out on us, or rather 3 potential recruits that were interested in joining?

I'm frustrated because I'm in top physical shape. I do alot of crossfit and running, I'm more than ready for boot camp. I'm just tired of the games the recruiters play, is it possible to meet one that is genuinely interested in helping people?

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