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Originally Posted by Nyanman View Post
This guy already got it covered:
As satire, of course.
Originally Posted by Dr. Michael Brown
Don't worry about getting technical details right. Many a reporter
has accidentally written about semi-automatic revolvers or committed
other minor errors. Since most people know little about guns, this is
not a problem. Only the gun nuts will complain and they don't count.
The emotional content of your article is much more important than the
factual details, since people are more easily influenced through their
emotions than through logic.

Gun owners must never be seen in a positive light. Do not mention
that these misguided individuals may actually be well educated, or
have respectable jobs and healthy families. They should be called
"gun nuts" if possible
or simply gun owners at best.

Wow. I think most of us knew the media was biased and had a script they followed to promote their anti-gun agenda, but I had no idea there was a published guide on how to do it.

Don't know how long this has been out, but it's the first time I've seen it.

It was entertaining, yet terribly disturbing to read.

The worst part was looking back on past articles and news stories and realizing the media follows this guide almost word for word.

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