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Default How to undermine gun ownership- a Journalists guide

Can we do something like this as a community, but much more polished? I am good at getting stuff started but not technical enough to make the necessary excerpts to have everything flow well. It could almost be like a slideshow with commentary, twitter posts, video's and our analysis of the issues.

How to undermine gun ownership and push for new laws.

Capture the attention of the uninformed- Bob Costas on Haltime NFL football quoting Jason Whitlock, ask for a gun ban.

Reinforce it unchallenged - Go on Dan Patrick Show and further reinforce your reason for a gun ban. Undermine all gun owners by calling for a ban on semi autos.

Further reinforce it unchallenged but on a "conservative" talk show- Go on Oreilly and spew lies about automatic weapons, body armor, and bulk ammo being bought on the internet.

Lie that 40% of guns are bought without background checks on Oreilly.

Have Piers Morgan bring Alan Derschowitz on the program and say that we are criminals for even owning a gun, and that he would rather be "punched in the face" in referance to a domestic dispute than have the permanence of a gun kill someone (because nobody has ever used a knife or fists to kill), and say that Jovan and Kasandra would still be alive had it only not be for a gun.

Have Abby Huntsman (daughter of John Huntsman) be completely confused on the gun issue but repeat the oft told lie that you can mail order an AK 47, therefore because the founding fathers didn't know about those, it must be bad.

Continue to repeat the line in various forms " I support the 2nd Amendment, but we need to ban carrying them, we need to ban AK-47's, we need to ban military style assault weapons" They of course know that it is illegal to buy a full automatic assault rifle, but have hitched their wagon to the term "assault weapon" which means any gun that looks scary, but is still a semi automatic.

Do this on every occasion of high profile shooting, lather, rinse, repeat.
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