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Originally Posted by a1c View Post
Dude, post pics!
The rifles will be reassembled and pics up tonight.

Originally Posted by a1c View Post

Mine should arrive from Classic Arms in a few days. Will post pics if I can take decent ones outside. I paid the $40 premium to get a serial/condition hand select, and I hope I won't be disappointed. That would be my first SKS.
The extra $40 is worth it. It may be your first, but it won't be your last. The SKS is my all time favorite firearm, period. With the 2 coming tomorrow, that will make 13 for me.

Originally Posted by a1c View Post

Wish I had the funds to order one or two more, because I'm tempted to get one of those T6 Tapco stocks, or that Shernic bullpup configuration.
In my opinion, these rifles are RUINED when they get Bubba'd with Tapco stocks or any other ugly aftermarket parts. If the stock you receive is not serviceable, just get a replacement wood one. The SKS rifle needs zero modifications or 'upgrades'.

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