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Originally Posted by supersonic View Post
Sorry, but you are dead wrong (especially in that last statement). One simple solution: don't TELL anyone she is doing it. That's pretty much common sense in this case. Plus she can travel out of her jurisdiction (out of state would be optimal) to get the proper training to gain the necessary "skills" involved for the reflexes and speed she may need if it is ever called for. Then your so-called "goblins" won't be any the wiser. That's how my acquaintance did it and he/she has been carrying loaded concealed for several years now after it was obvious the local "cops" didn't "want" this person carrying for their own arbitrary reasons (this person even had LTC's already from other states when they applied, which was also conveniently "cast aside"), while they gave them out like candy to anyone else (some with rap sheets as long as your arm) who applied and/or appealed a denial.
I would bet that they are checking from time to time to see if mom registers a pistol in her name.
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