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Originally Posted by SFgiants105 View Post
Says someone who grew up during the hippie era; wait until all the millions of 12 year-olds playing Call of Duty grow up and all buy AR-15s; we'll see how popular gun control is then
That's an interesting point. It seems that kids these days are familiar with weapons and nomenclature due to video games being realistic and high in detail. Perhaps the Anti crowd has made this same observation and are equally trying to get these bans put into place before those 12 years are old enough to purchase?

I explained to someone that the very same reasons that pro gunners like certain guns, Ar 15's for example, are the same reasons anti gunners do not like them. We like them because they look cool, we like the options and features and they are fun to shoot. Anti gunners do not like them because of the way they look, the options and features ( even though they have no idea what those options and features are or what they do ).
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