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Originally Posted by redcliff View Post
No pictures, but I can tell you that the P7M8 is .87'' higher, .44'' longer, .04" narrower and 10oz heavier unloaded than the Glock 26.

I can also tell you that I own 2 P7M8's (along with a .22lr conversion unit), and don't regret it in the least. One of my all-time favorite pistols, built out of real steel, gas (not recoil) operated, extremely accurate, low recoil, very ergonomic (room for all your fingers on the grip) uniquely engineered (squeeze the cocker to release slide on a loaded magazine and cock the pistol, and ambidextrious mag release).

Also out of production and very expensive. If you can afford a P7M8 get it because they probably aren't going to get any cheaper. It's a pistol you can build your collection around.
Thanks, I was hoping it was thinner then a Glock.
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