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Originally Posted by Whiterabbit View Post
Dumb. Guns aren't the solution to the problem because guns aren't the CAUSE of the problem. The whole thing is a red herring (from EITHER side) and it stinks.
Disagree that gun aren't the (temporary) solution to the problem as seen by Newtown.

Problem is people, in Newtown's case, homicidal, insane people. There is a non-zero amount of time which will elapse before we can get a handle on them. Might be quite a long time even if we commit to some serious research, and I have my doubts about our willingness to fund such research, especially for the amount of time that will be required to have a chance at useful results (if any are even possible).

So until we "solve" that problem, the parents in Newtown are PTSD-ing all over this. How can they protect their kids today, given that research is at least decades (if not centuries) away from helping them? What will stop another illegally-armed psycho bent on mass murder?

Only good guys with guns bent on preventing such acts. There's no scanner, no dogs, no policy, nothing else that can work TODAY, and that's the problem, as the people in Newtown see it.
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