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Originally Posted by superhondaz50 View Post
I've always had good service at the Corona Turner's from Larry, he is the only guy I deal with there and has provided me with with nothing less than top notch service. I'm sure he is just overwhelmed with all the crazy frenzy buying and phone calls, that'll get to anyone...
Yes, I agree.. But, that's still no excuse to treat a paying customer in the way he treated me.

Like I said above. They have my number.. I'd love to hear an apology. But, I'm guessing that I'll never get that apology... It's too bad really, as David was great. No issues at all with the transfer, other than with the serial number.

Interestingly, I posted a thread on calguns about the serial # (trying to track down info), and it's actually a fairly rare serial number. It actually took a fair amount of sleuthing to find out the serial number was actually linked to the type of gun I had. So, it was entirely reasonable for me to call and verify the serial number as no 'normal' lists of colt serial numbers showed the serial number variation that I had... Had they only just said, "Hey, yep, it's right. We've double checked it and there's no issue." that would have been the end of it... Instead they took the opportunity to berate me about issues I had a year ago (and I thought had been resolved).

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