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Originally Posted by mvpatriot View Post
So how do you justify the way they treat other customers, I think Myks post is spot on, their workload has doubled, maybe tripled and I know there pay has not gone up. No excuse by any means, however understandable.
I was addressing the OP in reference to his original post.
It is not my place to justify anything, but I will point out the painfully obvious for those that endlessly gripe about Turner's.
Turner's is the "Pep Boys" of gun shops. You want a "mom and pop shop" experience, go to a mom and pop shop.
It's a funny thing with Turner's, most of the whiners know damn well what to expect when they walk in the door, yet feel compelled to complain, endlessly, when they receive the attention/service they knew they were going to receive.
It truly boggles the mind.