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Not defending the glaring examples of their unacceptable service, but I have to imagine that with the record amount of sales and customers, most of which are probably rude and just "stupid" I'm sure they've just about had it and are burnt out. Being in the service/retail industry myself, I know that the customer is our #1 priority, but after 8 or so hours of flipping hamburgers and trying to explain to customers what medium rare means I'm DONE and couldn't care less, lol.

I think people should complain to their corporate office. They may not seem to care, but if enough complaints come through it may force them to reconsider things. Personally, I've had nothing but stellar service from Daniel Kirkman, Russ, Chris, Michelle, 'Flo and just about everyone else in the Kearny Mesa location, and I probably won't shop anywhere else as a result...

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