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Originally Posted by gtturborex View Post
Just got off the phone with Craig. He is giving Dave over at Marborg a call and said it shouldn't be a problem to get multiple rolloffs for us.
Came back from lunch and was just about to do this, but checked here first. Glad I didn't call him again, don't want to swamp him with calls from multiple folks.
BTW, when I initially called him Dave got to talking about how he recently took his father for a ride on West Camino Cielo for the first time from Refugio Rd. and mentioned up how the other two designated shooting spots on West Camino (not Winchester Gun Club obviously) pretty littered and thought a pick-up could run out there and pick that stuff up as long as we had the roll-off at the other site.

And- Kes has not responded to PM or e-mail so I'll have the sign made as is, if anyone complains about the logo it can get covered with some vinyl.
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