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Originally Posted by Ron-Solo View Post
Get caught carrying beyond the security check and you will get a ban for life from all Disney properties and you can count on them notifying your department, if LE, and your issuing agency if just a ccw. They use facial recognition extensively throughout the properties.

Many agencies will discipline employees for violating weapons policies at private property. LASD will impose discipline for such matters, and so will many other agencies.

For you ccw holders, you can probably kiss your ccw goodbye.

You have a choice in my opinion, follow their rules or don’t go. Disney also has lockers for LEOs, but not ccw holders.

As a retired law enforcement officer, it annoys me when guys have the attitude that the rules don’t apply to them. It’s that kind of arrogance that causes some of the mistrust between the public and law enforcement.
Well then it's a good thing I don't work for lasd. Also a good reminder why I don't care for admin folks. I'm comfortable with my stance on the issue and whatever consequence that comes along with it.

Sucks to hear knotts caved, that would make every major park in so cal a no go for cops carrying right?
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