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Thanks for the heads up. I still got my gun into Disney even though they don't like people to (I wasn't aware until I got to the downtown Disney entrance). I'm one of those ask for forgiveness type of people if you know what I mean.

Work was nice to enough to send me to all kinds of threat assessment training with the feds and locals throughout my career so scouting any place makes it a breeze to get what I want in. One time we did a "practical" exercise in a class to see what we get into a "secure" facility. Ended up bringing a full auto m4 with 6 loaded mags and flashbangs into an international airport terminal without even coming close to getting caught. I'm sure the tsa folks loved when they got that debrief.

My thought is any halfway decent terrorist can do the same so I prefer to keep the odds in my favor much to the protest of the anti gun policies our region embraces.

But I'm nobody so my opinion doesn't matter and I'll continue to vote with my wallet and frequent gun friendly establishments.
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