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Ok let me update you on the sightmark....

Day after thanksgiving I took nephews 6 plus their dads to the local range. Somehow with their rapid firing of the ar they destroyed my sightmark. I do not know exactly what they did. I had 2 adults set up at the range and had 2 kids per adult. I taught safety to the dads, and had one dad on the ar and one on the 9mm pistol. All of the kids has a blast, and I played safety monitor on both lanes, then took the 45 into lane 3 with the older boys and we shot the 1911.

I had my first 3 gun match that coming Sunday. Went home cleaned my rifle and pistols. Went to the match and the sightmark was loose. I tightened the mount and the top was still loose. I ended up having to shoot my match with iron sights and removed the sightmark from the rifle.

Needless today, I read the warranty and I am SOL.

My recommendation is a Burris, or primary arms for weekend shooters. For my comp rifle I now have a leupold and the sight mark will go on the rifle when I am taking new shooters to the range. I still puts a red dot on paper but not reliable enough for competition.
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