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Yeah, that sightmark Ultra looked and felt NICE. Well, Actually I was like, OH WOW, YOU ARE SO NOT AN EOTECH but still feel so good hugging that top rail of the blue plastic arf that Turner's has in the store... Oh I am gonna put you on my Christmas list... (Not you Ladyrr, the Sightmark Ultra)
If you would like I can put you on my list but I just assumed that nobody would want to be stuffed down my chimney and put under a sap dripper for 6 or so hours listening to the termites in the hardwood floor...

I forgot about it doing infrared too for the nightvision. That was another cool thing. So then I can put it on in conjunction with my goggles when I am hunting rats at night in the backyard with the M-rod... Will make for some killer shots and you-tube videos. All of that for UNDER $100 on sale or so.

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