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Originally Posted by Legasat View Post

Brown is an überleft-wing, certifiable nut-job, with a track record that proves just that.

So recently, he has shown some signs that he is not as anti-2A as some of the other candidates. Fine.

If that's enough for you to give him your vote, that's great. If not, that's up to you.

This kind of decision is personal, and is something that needs to be weighed by each person.

But let's call it what it is, not just "he is a Democrat".
You are oversimplying the guy and his stance. Jerry Brown just cannot be boxed into a neat little labeled drawer like you're doing. Your approach is just as retarded as those who were calling George W. Bush a fascist.

But hey, vote for whomever RINO you feel most comfortable with, and enjoy seeing them sign anti-gun bills.
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