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@MrLoneWolf & EatDirt & Chickenlips;
You guys flatter me. :P Now that I have seen what it was like, I will most likely be more out of my shell next time. It was very fun, and I was exhausted by all the information I learned from not only you guys, but from the people we spoke to. That vet with the eagle shirt on was a very cool guy, no other way to describe him.

This recollection of the encounter is paraphrased

As for the mag magnet lady.. Central American, She was at the table across from ours.

So she is talking to these two men, father and son couple. I was talking to retired while he was eyeing the lady at the table; we were discussing the illegality of it and how the original guy who created it now has a sign that states "Not legal in California." Retired then gets up and walks over her table while she is trying to make a sale to the two men. He starts the conversation, mentioning along the way, "Did you tell these two men that as soon as they put this object on their gun, it becomes a part of the weapon, and thus they would be committing a felony?" The father and son quickly left the table.

Retired still was going into it, stating that he was trying to save her hide as well as theirs, since anyone who bought a mag magnet from them, if arrested, would tell police who they got it from, and that would come back on her. In a very sarcastic reply, the plump woman mentions that they have spoken with their "attorneys" and have been assured it is California legal, and that she is "thankful" that retired was trying to educate her.

She later walks up to our table, saying that we have been "put on notice" and to "stay away from her table." All that did was boil my blood and make retired want to start trouble. He spots two Ontario officers walking around and goes to chat with them, and after explaining the situation, they tell him that DOJ has been having an undercover field day in the convention.

So if what they are selling is illegal, they were assuredly spotted in doing so.

In addition, I cannot remember which one of our volunteers checked with the convention's help desk, but the mag magnet did not file a complaint against our table. In addition, as soon as the convention was over, they were GONE. They literally ran off quickly.
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