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Originally Posted by JDay View Post
Took my AR to the range a few weeks ago and this stuff really works. Wiped my BCG and upper clean with a couple paper towels, ran a boresnake through the barrel, lubed the BCG back up and was done cleaning. Took maybe 5 minutes.

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I would like to see pics of the before and after of
your BCG.

Mainly what you consider clean.

Because i have yet to find anything that will remove
the carbon on the tail and inside the bcg with a wipe of a cloth.

A bore snake has its purpose but there is a reason
The M16 has 2 brushes.
"" Chamber brush""

Former Frog Lube user.

Stick to what works.

BF CLP, or my favorite SLIP2000.
SUPERLUBE for grease

And a CAT4 tool for carbon removal
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