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Default 870 - Hogue vs. Magpul

I told myself that I wasn't going to tacticool my 870 with Magpul stuff, but after seeing some vids and looking at pics, I decided to pick up the stock & forend to see what the hype was all about. I figured if I didn't like it, I could always sell it pretty easily.

I have the Hogue set, and also a spare 12" LOP stock (which I only used for 20 seconds before realizing it's way too small for me... I'm 6'4"). The Hogue stock felt good, a tad long but still very comfortable. I really like the soft rubber feel of the forend, which makes gripping and holding it feel good. The stock also feels good, and the recoil pad is very soft like a LimbSaver pad. BTW, I noticed the Hogue 12" LOP stock recoil pad feels a little harder than the full size Hogue stock recoil pad.

I like the clean look of the 870 with the Hogue parts, keeping the shotgun simple & classy looking.

Today I received both the Magpul SGA stock and forend, and decided to try them out. First thing I noticed on the stock was that the recoil pad was very soft, just like the Hogue recoil pad and similar to a LimbSaver pad. Feels really good on my shoulder. The next thing I noticed was the grip angle feels more comfortable with the Magpul stock compared to the classic/Hogue stock. What I also noticed and didn't like was the rough plastic texture on the stock. The forend was nice looking, but because of the smooth plastic surface it felt slippery to me, especially compared to the soft rubber Hogue fore end I had gotten used to.

I had some rubber grip tape strips that I was able to cut out for the stock grip and forend. This made a huge difference with how the stock and forend now feels when I grab them. It had a good grip, softer feeling compared to the plastic, but no where near as soft as the Hogue parts. It also didn't feel like the 870 would slip out from my hands, and it kept the 870 slim with the Magpul furniture.

Yes, I know I covered the holes up on the forend, but I was lazy tonight and I'll cut them out later this week.

Overall, I actually now like using the Magpul stock and forend on the 870. Well, I mainly like the stock due to the grip angle, and also the adjustability of the LOP, as I found the perfect length between a full size factory/Hogue stock and the 12" LOP stock. Also, changing out the spacers takes a minute to do and doesn't require removing the stock, so it's fast & easy to do.

I would say, for me, the perfect setup would be to use the Hogue forend and the Magpul SGA stock, but it would look a little weird so I'm fine with using the Magpul forend now after I put the rubber grip tape onto it.

And yes, I do feel tacticool now

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