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Originally Posted by Gunsmith Dan View Post
FYI Amish use Horse and Buggy because of a religious belief ... not because they are better than a internal combustion engine truck. So like some who have stated " I have used Hoppes for 50 years and will not switch" your "belief" has limited your use of more modern technologies. In all reality if that is how you feel then you should be still using a Musket instead of a semi auto rifle since they worked just fine for several hundred years.
Has nothing to do with religion. It's about being independent and not tied to the government. Amish believe in a small community supporting itself. Their self governing mentality is not based in religion. it's just old school Ohio farm boy mentality. My Dad was the same way and not the least bit Amish or religious. It's just good solid work and life ethic. You won't find one Amish person that is apart of the community receiving any type of government welfare. When they want something they pay cash for it, in full, up front. No credit, no loans, no nothing. Just a fat wad of cash.
Some Amish do own cars but they didn't take loans for them. They know full well you can't travel cross country in a buggy. I've sat next to them on commercial jets too. These people own Businesses that use modern machinery, computers, electricity, heating oil and natural gas. There are a select few that are basically orthodox Amish but the majority are just ever so slightly off the grid. And I think a wee bit better for it too. I see your point but the question was if Froglube was as good or better then current products? At it's current price hell no.
The properties don't justify the price. Again I'll stick with what I know that works and until froglube gets it's price to a competitive level I won't be using it.
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