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I have been using Froglube on all my customer's gun for over a year and have not had any paint or color filled engravings damaged at all.

Froglube is a class of lubricating waxes that has properties similar to penetrating oils. Froglube does not clean like a solvent by dissolving chemical bonds but gets in between loose particles and coats the surface like a penetrating oil, preventing them from stick to each other, so it will allow loose particles to be easily removed.

So most likely your paint was already damaged by a solvent or had a paint defect from the factory (it was sprayed on dry) and chemical bonds between paint particles was already damaged or never formed properly.

FYI Amish use Horse and Buggy because of a religious belief ... not because they are better than a internal combustion engine truck. So like some who have stated " I have used Hoppes for 50 years and will not switch" your "belief" has limited your use of more modern technologies. In all reality if that is how you feel then you should be still using a Musket instead of a semi auto rifle since they worked just fine for several hundred years.

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