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I agree with Magblocks FAQ section's explaination...

" Consider this: Once a block is installed its permanently 10 rounds. Open it up and take a magazine apart and its a rebuild kit again. "

The way the magazine sits with a Magblock 10/20 block installed it's limited to 10 rounds...there is no way it could be used for anymore than 10 rounds.

If the prosecutor disassembles the magazine he now holds a magazine repair kit in his hands....which anybody in CA can purchase legally. If HE reassembles it in front of the court to show it now holds more than 10 rounds, HE just commited the felony...not the defendant.

Besides the beauty of the Magblock ( And Magpul's design as well now ) is that it replaces the critical lower spring attachment/locking piece....remove the Magblock and now you not only are holding just a repair kit in your hands...but you cant reassemble the magazine to function again unless you have the original lower spring attachment/locking piece.

Even with our asinine laws, you should be able to take any magazine repair kit....throw away the spring attachment/locking piece....assemble the magazine with the Magblock....and have a perfectly legal 10 round magazine...without epoxy/pins/etc.

The permanency is twofold....disassemble it and you now only have a repair kit in your hands......also remove the magblock and it now doesnt have a spring attachment/locking piece...sure you could slide the lower plate on...but now the DA doing that is not only modifying the design of the magazine , but he is commiting a felony in CA in front of a court full of people....that the defendant did not do when he assembled the magazine with the Magblock.

Thank god most of my AR's are featureless, but for the ones that arent ( I like pistol grips and such on some ) I use the Magblock epoxied to the spring attachment point...leaving the plate clear to clean the mag internals.

Even though I dont even believe epoxying the spring to the magblock is neccesary, I do it as just an extra step...but epoxying the entire magazine shut is not needed in my opinion for the reasons above.
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