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They have their pros and cons. I have put in about 20 orders from PSA in the last year and these are my thoughts (if anyone cares). Note that all of my orders were filled pre-panic.

Good to very good value (esp. if you work the sales)
good selection
Fair shipping prices

Customer Service ranges from just OK to poor
20-25% of my shipments had some kind of error (wrong part, qty, something missing, etc) - Check your package immediately
Difficult to get returns (don't buy a holster if you aren't sure it's the right size)

Most of my internet orders have been PSA or Cabela's and Cabela's CS is far superior but PSA absolutely has a place. I will definetly order from them again, but Awesome is not a word I would use to describe them.
(just my opinion from my experience of probably 20-30 orders)
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