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Originally Posted by TrailerparkTrash View Post
At least you had your 380 with 6 shots. I'm shocked nowa days to hear young officers and deputies that simply do not carry a weapon off duty. I always discourage newer guys from going anywhere whithout their "Roscoe."

On a side note......

I tell those that don't carry a gun off duty that to at least leave their police I.D. at home as well. Lest they or anyone else fail to take heed the sad lesson learned by fallen off duty Deputy, Shane York. York carried his LEO I.D on his person, yet didn't bother to pack heat. A take-over robbery ensued at a hair salon where he was waiting for his Fiancee. The robbery suspects took everybody's wallets and they discovered York's LE I.D. The suspects then murdered him "execution style" to the back of the head.

Fortunately, his Fiancee was not murdered as well. At the time she too was a deputy sheriff for either Riverside or L.A., I don't remember now. Anyway, she also did not have her off duty weapon with her when she witnessed her fiancee's murder. Fortunately, the suspects fled the store before checking her LE I.D. Otherwise, they might have killed two cops that day.
Unfortunately, I remember that well. His fiancee was also a LA deputy. Heard she left the job soon afterwards. Can anyone confirm that?
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