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Originally Posted by TrailerparkTrash View Post
For off duty, a 5 shot is not sufficient. I carry an Hk P2000sk model with an extra magazine. That gives me 20+1 bullets (or I can carry the 13rnd mags too). Since cargo shorts nowa days are so bulky, carrying a small semi auto in the shorts, works nicely.

Off duty shorts are much more roomier than any duty long type uniform pants.

****I take apart my semi auto once per week and blow out any lint.... ***
I hear ya. My buddy used to just tote his Scandium J-frame around and after he got some time on the job, he went with his on duty BUG, the G27. Said he didn't feel good about the J-frame anymore after hearing enough stories.

I had a too close for comfort, off duty encounter one time with a belligerent, drunk gangbanger who was causing a scene while I was out picking up something at a liquor store. He kept mentioning he had a gun to another customer who was ignoring him and the turd kept getting louder. I had my LCP on me at the time and I moved to a tactical vantage point but the whole time, I didn't feel very confident about the little 380 with only 6 shots. Luckily, the turd just left without any further problems.

After that, I switched to a pocket 9mm. Felt a lot better. Feeling confident in your weapon is a huge part of it.
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