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Originally Posted by Colt562 View Post
Congrats....what did you order?

I placed a order for some ammo on the 8th and its already shipped. expected on the 25th of this month.
Hornady Custom .40S&W 180gr XTP 20rds $16.99
Hornady TAP .40S&W 155gr TAP FPD 20rds $16.99

$7.00 shipped ground.

Figured it might take a while so i went to a big5 near me and picked up some jhp for the g35 i got jailed at the target range. Ammo im seeing on the empty shelves everywhere i go. Its been a long time since ive purchased handgun ammo but i feel like the $31.99 i paid for 25rd of Rem 180gr JHP is a little high. I pick up the G35 on wed but when i called today he didnt have and 40sw JHP and didnt have any idea when he would. Anyone have any tips on what i should be looking for in regards to price per round?

Back to PSA.... Thinking about signing up for the email alerts in hopes of keeping on top of when they get ammo back in stock. Does anyone use this? any thoughts?
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