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Default Zeroing Iron Sight, Advice?

I finally took my new AR 15 to the outdoor range, and my wife and I had a hell of a hard time zeroing our iron sights. The ranges are hot for 30 minutes, and cold for 1 so by the 3rd or 4th try we were out of time. I've got a Troy rear fixed sights with an A2 front using PMC Bronze 223 for ammo. We set the target at 50 yards but my old cheapo binoculars given to me a decade ago couldn't spot anything. I'm thinking of just getting an inexpensive spotting scope (
?), but I don't know if this is the right route to take? Should I be doing this another way? Would it make sense to buy a decent $150ish scope, and use that to as a sight or somehow use that to zero in my iron sights? My thought is two birds, one stone. Honestly, not too sure what to do.
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