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Actually I think the break even is much closer to 10 yrs as the prices of license keep escalating each year but with a LTL you lock in your costs now. I have one and I bought my kid's LTLs three years ago. Looking back at the payment forms that I saved then, the prices were $300 for under 10yrs and $495 for 10-39 yr olds then. Today those prices are $415 and $682. In three years from now, I think those same license will be $600 and $800+. So by getting a LTL now, you do lock in your costs and you do get a faster payback than 18 yrs. When you start adding in the big game tags and bird stamps, the savings just gets better overtime.

I think it is by far the best thing for a young kid to get but anyone that routinely buys a license each year will benefit.

Edit to add:

Also the Big Game upgrade was $310 then vs $506 now.

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