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Originally Posted by creampuff View Post
oh, so those are the output outlets and not input? if that is the case, it would help to see the input outlets too.
NO they are inputs (kinda) top are inputs OR maybe outputs and the banana speaker posts are well INPUTS-the speakers.

You dont need banana "PLUGS" you can just unscrew that "POST" and there is a hole in the middle of the "STEM of the "POST" that the 16-14guage wire will fit through.

You will need a TONE GENERATOR to test what wire (post) goes to which speaker.

Originally Posted by WAMO556 View Post
Voting for Donald Trump is the protest vote against: Keynesian economics, Neocon wars, exporting jobs, open borders, Washington criminal cartel, too big to fail banks and too big to jail pols and banksters.

Cutting off foreign aid to EVERY country and dismantling the police/surveillance state!

Umm yeah!!!!!
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