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They fake *everything*. One ounce coins, quarters, dollars, old, new, you name it.

I wouldn't buy *anything* without a scratch test, and even then.

I buy the dimes since they haven't bothered faking those as best I know anyway. I've bought hundreds off ebay (I don't care if anybody knows come find me) and haven't gotten burned yet at least according to the acid test.

I think I paid around $130/roll of dimes. Somewhere around spot plus 5 or 10%.

If silver goes to 27 I'll buy a helluva lot more. I don't have enough invested in it to get too worked up over the price one way or the other.

I think I said it before, check out the youtube and fake silver vids. They fool pros, they're so good. They use worn dies to simulate old silver dollars. Perfectly legal in China.

Even weight only helps so much as they're so close to the real thing. Before I invested real money in them I'd maybe buy one and have it tested.

I don't care if it's from a 'reputable' coin store or not LOL Coin stores have been shady since forever! LOL

a silver testing kit with a stone and acid is only a few bucks off amazon, and a gold testing kit around $20 or so.
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